Expertise & Technology

Expertise: we are the originator of the Coflow Jet airfoil/blade concept and have extensive experience on CFJ airfoil/blade design and integration with the wind turbine  system.

  • CFJ airfoil and wind turbine blade  aerodynamic design.
  • CFJ blade  integration with the wind turbine  system.
  • CFJ blade  integration with power electronic system.
  • Wind turbine  structure interagtion with the CFJ blade.
  • 3D high accuracy CFD simulation for CFJ blades.
  • CFJ blade  integration with CFJ fan actuators.
  • Wind tunnel system design for for CFJ wind turbine testing.
  • CFJ wind turbine control.

Co-Flow Jet Airfoil transforms  wind turbines  from the most fundamental elements.

Our Technology Advantages:

  • High power capacity factor (efficiency)
  • Ultra-high lift.
  • Low dynamic and fatigue loads.
  • Low energy expenditure flow control.
  • Low noise.
  • High power output at low wind speed.
  • Virtually stall free.
  • Low levelized cost of energy