We are  developing  2-bladed  utility downwind coflow jet (CFJ)  wind turbines for onshore and offshore.   A  two 2-blade CFJ turbine generates 20% more annual power than a same-size conventional 3-bladed turbine at substantially lower cost.  It brings the following benefits:

  • Levelized cost of energy  reduced by   30%
  • Avg power (capacity factor) increased by  20%
  • Life span  increased by    20%
  • Mass reduced by  30%
  • Manufac/installation Cost  reduced by   20%
  • Maximum turbine size     ≥ 20MW
  • Lower avg wind speed limit  reduced by 25%
  • Wind farm power density  increased by  50%
  • Efficient and effective anti-icing system
  • More resilient to soiling and erosion
  • Reduced load on pitching and yaw motors
  • Less blades, more power